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Terms and Conditions

Readers' responsibility:

It is possible, that some readers do not agree with some views on this web site. It is assumed, that they are mature enough not to continue reading, if the content upsets them. Where suggestions are made, it is the reader's prerogative, choice and responsibility to accept them or to reject them. The editor does not accept any responsibility for others' actions in this regard and points out that it is always essential to consult experts, like dieticians, pharmacists, nurses, doctors, councillors, therapists and other members of the professional team. The suggestions are not prescriptive, but rather information for reflection.


Issued without prejudice to any rights. The medical, legal, psychological, behavioural-genetic, spiritual, dietary and nursing information and other procedures contained in this web site are intended only to serve as information, and the intention is not that these should replace any consultation with your professional practitioners in this regard. No claims and diagnosis should be implied from this publication. The information is based on scientific studies, clinical experience, or as cited in each article reviewed. The results or findings reported or referred to may not necessarily occur or be present in all individuals. Consult your physician, and/or pharmacist for any health problem and before using any supplements or before making any changes in prescribed medications. Any attempt to prevent, diagnose and/or treat a medical condition and/or disorder must be made only by appropriately registered professionals. Although the editor does refer to specific treatment and supplements, he does believe that similar products or treatment will probably be of same benefit. Any action is always accompanied by a measure of risk, and the editor therefore does not accept any responsibility for any possible side-effects or other consequences that may arise when using any of the solutions, preparations, supplements, principles, medication, procedures and/or techniques contained, discussed or referred to on this web site.

The information on this web site is constantly updated and is subject to differing interpretations. It is up to the reader to verify it thoroughly before applying any information contained in it.

The original documents of all testimonials are on file for verification and inspection at our offices. Free translation has been done with the permission of the respective authors.

The illustrations and pictures contained in this web site are for illustration purposes only and do not imply any specific detail. It remains the property of the respective owners.

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