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NAD Therapy e-book

NAD Energy Protocols and NAD Energy Supplements are internationally acclaimed and have been successfully implemented in South Africa since 1989.

“An e –book about the amazing NAD Therapy, this e –book is a must for anyone low   in energy, chronically ill… or just wanting to maximize their health…”

    Dr. Deborah Baker Racine
    Past Vice-President of NUPATH in Canada, member of the International Academy of Preventative Medicine.

"This new work with NAD Therapy is very exciting and I think is right on target. It is      indeed a NAD Energy Deficiency (NED) because in the absence of this coenzyme   cycle almost all the reactions in the body run down. Energy is indeed essential not   only to drive our muscles but to digest our food, even to think and to feel..."

"To my astonishment and delight there were almost an immediate response and       patients who would ordinarily take 3 to 6 months to shows an adequate response     to vitamin B3 were responding on NAD in days and weeks..."

"For these reasons I consider the information in the E-book: NAD Therapy! - Too  Good to be True? so valuable and important and I fully expect to see the  corroboration of this work world wide once it becomes known to the medical  profession and even more when the general public of sick people and their families  hear about it."...

    Dr Abram Hoffer
    Dr Abram Hoffer is a Canadian Psychiatrist with a PhD in Biochemistry and is honored by the Institute for Functional Medicine as one of the top 5 pioneers of new medicine for the 21st Century.

"The potential of NAD and niacin therapy to treat diseases is now going forward in     South Africa. Theo Verwey and his group of clinicians are now the future of this         movement to reform medical therapeutics. It is the concept of NAD as a medicine,   which must not be ignored: the needed research must be allowed, encouraged, the   results evaluated, acknowledged and passed on to the young physicians of today."

    Prof JP Cleary, University Wisconsin-Madison

    To download your free copy of Dr. Theo Verwey’s NAD Therapy e-book, please click here.


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